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Duplex Stainless Steel Scrap

Duplex Steel Scrap comes under stainless steel category but with some special charachtristics it is a second-generation, nitrogen-alloyed duplex stainless steel (ferritic-austenitic). It offers an excellent combination of both strength and corrosion resistance over a wide range of applications. The approximate 50/50 ferrite-austenite structure provides excellent chloride pitting and stress corrosion cracking resistance, with roughly twice the yield strength of the standard austenitic stainless grades


17-4 ph., 2304, 2205, 2507


  • Scrap Suitable for Small Furnaces from 15kgs to 100 Kgs
  • Less in diameter and length for easy melt.
  • Plate Cutting & Rod cuttings for better results.
  • Free from oil, dirt, colour and any other foreign particles
  • Guaranteed chemical composition as per ASTM standards.


  • Scrap suitable for bigger furnaces from 100kgs to 2 ton
  • Less in diameter and length for easy melt.
  • Purely Foundry Grade scraps for induction furnaces & Casting units
  • Scrap for foundry industry is majorly plate cuttings, rod cuttings, pipe cutting, punching scrap etc. Different companies are catered according to their needs.


  • Complete chemical composition guarantee of Nickel & Moley percentage
  • Scrap suitable for large furnaces.
  • Maximum out put of the melt having less burning loss.


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