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Titanium Scrap

Supplier of Titanium scrap in Mumbai and its alloys have found a wide range of applications, including aerospace, biomedical and chemical industries because of the combination of high mechanical and corrosion resistance and low density. At the same time, quality of by-products, such as Ti chip obtained in machining method has also been increasing at a fast rate, but technologies for the recycling of these products is limited because of the activity at high temperature and cost of process.

One of the useful method for recycling of Ti by-products is hydrogenation. Metal hydrides have a variety of important commercial applications, such as purification of hydrogen, hydrogen embrittlement in powder metallurgy, control materials in nuclear reactors, electrodes for batteries and hydrogen storage materials. Some conventional methods for hydrogenation for Importer of Titanium scrap in Mumbai are -

  • Exposure to H2 gas at an elevated pressure and / or temperature for several hours.
  • Slow cooling so as to maintain maximum hydrogen content.

Titanium Scrap & Titanium Alloy Scrap

Titanium scrap (Ti Scrap) and titanium alloy scrap (Ti Alloy Scrap) have a variety of properties when it comes to useful characteristics. With the vast amount of titanium used, there is also a vast amount of titanium scrap and titanium alloy scrap to recycle from these different forms. Titanium scrap and titanium alloy scrap has proved to be highly useful with their properties of superior corrosion resistance (saltwater propeller shafts), hard but lightweight makeup and high melting temperature.


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