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Hastelloy Scrap

Importer & Supplier of Hastelloy scrap in Mumbai is composed of nickel and several other elements (chosen depending on the type of Hastelloy scrap) including chromium, iron, molybdenum, cobalt manganese, copper, titanium, aluminum, zirconium, tungsten and carbon. There are several grades of this scrap, each having specific uses. For instance, Scrap Hastelloy C 276 is used for shaping Plate Cut, Pipe Cut, etc. Even as they have specific uses, the grades have common physical properties. To elaborate further, almost all the grades can be used in tough and fluctuating temperature environments, don’t get affected because of the harsh corrosive conditions, and are excellent resistant to salt and acid. To buy Hastelloy Scrap having all the above-mentioned properties, contact us any time. We, Choudhary Metal Distributors, can meet bulk requirements. As well, we Importer & Supplier of Hastelloy scrap in Mumbai can virtually any grade according to the specific requirements mentioned by the buyers, that too at reasonable price.

Chemical Composition

Nickel & Copper Alloys
70Cu-30Ni 90Cu-10Ni
R-Monel K-Monel
Cast Monel -
Nickel & Nickel Alloys
80% Ni-20% CR IN100
Alloy 42 Inconel 600
Alloy 454 (PWA 1480) Inconel 617
B-1900 (PWA 663) Inconel 625
C101 Inconel 713C (PWA 655)
C263 Inconel 718
C1023 Inconel X750
GMR 235 Inconel 738
GTD 222 Inconel 792
Hastelloy B M252
Hastelloy C MAR-M 002
Hastelloy D MAR-M 200 (PWA 664)
Hastelloy F MAR-M 246
Hastelloy N MAR-M 247
Hastelloy S Pure Nickel
Hastelloy W PWA 1484
Hastelloy X Rene 41
Incoloy 800 Rene 77
Incoloy 801 Rene 80
Incoloy 903 Rene 95
Incoloy 907 Waspaloy
Incoloy 909 -


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