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HRCS Scrap

We are supplying a trading the finest quality Hrcs Scrap in Mumbai, India, which are reused and available in bulk quantities to meet the large demand of clients. Additionally we verify that our item goes through stringent quality check programs and the finest nature of item is conveyed to our clients around the world.


AHRCS 4 ~ 14,SS 309,310,310S.


  • Scrap Suitable for Small Furnaces from 15kgs to 100 Kgs.
  • Less in diameter and length for easy melt.
  • Plate Cutting & Rod cuttings for better results.
  • Free from oil, dirt, colour and any other foreign particles.
  • Guaranteed chemical composition as per ASTM standards.


  • Scrap suitable for bigger furnaces from 100kgs to 2 ton.
  • Less in diameter and length for easy melt.
  • Purely Foundry Grade scraps for induction furnaces & Casting units.
  • Scrap for foundry industry is majorly plate cuttings, rod cuttings, pipe cutting, punching scrap etc. Different companies are catered according to their needs.


  • Complete chemical composition guarantee of Nickel & Moley percentage.
  • Scrap suitable for large furnaces.
  • Maximum out put of the melt having less burning loss.


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